What Our Patients Have to Say...

It has been two years since I first came to you for treatment and I have been reflecting on all the ways my life has evolved since then. I want to thank you for all your assistance and patience. You were the first health-care professional to actually give me the time to explain my condition. My heart is full of gratitude.
I went to see you due to moderate and debilitating back pain that came on suddenly. I was skeptical that anyone could successfully get me on the road to recovery like Drs. L. & E. Yet three days later I felt not only extremely and genuinely well cared for by you, but I was virtually back to my active, normal self. Thank you for your healing skills. I wish all health care professionals were as warm, friendly, informative, knowledgeable, with curative abilities as you.
When we got to the track I took a warm-up lap with my friends and was fine. I sprinted the last 50 yards and the back of my head exploded into enormous pain. I didn't think I would be able to run. When the first running event came up I just decided to have faith, in you and in God. I had no burn at all for 110 yards. That's when I knew I would be OK. It was an amazing experience. I won 7 ribbons, 4 blue first place ribbons for 220 yard relay, 100 yards, 50 yards and the long jump. It was a life changing day. I thank you from the deepest place of my heart for what you did for me. I'm going to continue seeing an osteopath to help get rid of the issue for good.
Thank you so much for seeing J. I saw her later that day and felt the infusion of tremendous energy where just hours before she had felt like brittle ice.
I still don't understand what it is you do with your hands. I just know that I feel better after you do it.
This was the answer to a heartfelt prayer today ... Thank you.
With your help I feel like I have my life back. The hormones make me feel like my old self again.
You are the first doctor that really listened to what I had to say. I knew in my heart that I wasn't crazy and my problems were not in my head as I was being told.
I appreciate your balanced approach to my health concerns. I knew deep inside myself that taking an anti-depressant drug was not the answer for me.
I really appreciate and honor your honesty. You helped me realize that regaining my health would be a lot of work and that there truly was no 'magic bullet' for my problems. In you I felt that I had finally found an ally, not just another doctor telling me what to do.
Your balanced approach to health and healing is most refreshing.
Your gentle and loving touch seemed to bring a great calm to grandmother. She seemed less uncomfortable, much more at peace.